Palestinian refugees: stateless, exiled and excluded

Author: Sobhi Albadawi*


This paper examines the conditions of the Palestinian refugees in host locations by focusing on the political, social and citizenship rights. In doing so, the paper utilizes examples from current locations of displacement to draw some analysis to the debate around citizenship rights and its association to the right of return question. The imbalance of political power and political instability in host location, particularly in Arab states continues to be the major factor of refugee hardship. This is relevant as it is unmasked the truth behind host states’ policies about Palestinian refugees and the right of return in particular. In fact, this article brought forward some different argumentation in each case as principle position unites most Arab states. Moreover, the article illustrate how Arab states views the plight of Palestinian refugee may not necessarily be about protecting the right of return but may be used for other implicit reasons such as local and international political agenda. 


Key words: Refugees, citizenship, rights, exclusion, marginalization.


*Researcher, NSW Sydney, Australia. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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