The founders of poetry of the Palestinian resistance: the circle of the magazine al- Ŷadīd

Author: Victoria Khraiche Ruiz-Zorrilla*


This paper describes the genesis of the Palestinian resistance poetry according to its foremost focus of expression during the first decade of its existence through the al-Yadid magazine, linked to the Communist Party of Israel. The poetry is linked to socialist realism. The author’s circle of the aforementioned magazine, the Founding Generation or the 1967 Generation, include renowned top representatives, namely: Mahmud Darwish, Samīh al-Qasim Tawfīq Zayyad, Salim Yubran and Fadwà Tuqan.


Keywords: Palestinian Literature, communist party of Israel, military government of Israel, Palestinian resistance poetry.


*PhD. Candidate (Doctoranda), Universidad Complutense de Madrid, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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