Introduction for Issue 3

This is the third issue published by the International Humanities Studies, established 2013 in a book form. This attempt may be continuing publication through world market, in addition to internet publication.

This is the September Issue 2014, published by the I-H-S, it covers four social and humanitarian articles in various areas: The first article: Construction of the Islamic religious narratives: toward a new theoretical lens, by Mohammed A. M. Arjan. The second article: Human Rights and Olympic Games in Beijing: A Study of 20 Prestigious Newspapers from Different Continents by Radosław Sajna. The third article: Early Islamic methodology comparative study of Hadith literature through al-Bukhari by Hasan A. Qader Yahya and finally, the fourth article titled: Palestinian Suicide Martyrs (Istishhadiyin): Facts and Figures. By Bassam Yousef Ibrahim Banat.

At the end, Abstracts are included. One on the topic: The role of small enterprises in economic development in the southern part of West Bank, by Khaled T. M. Arjan.

We in the International Humanities Studies hope the topics and research methods done in areas needed in humanity studies. After all, the main goal of I-H-S is to contribute the dissemination of up –to-date scientific knowledge in the field of humanities studies all over the world.

In fact, the IHS covers scientific articles in the fields of humanities studies, especially in sociology & political sciences, anthropology, criminology, archaeology, business & economics, cross cultural studies, development, education, geography, history, gender & women, law, library, media, linguistics, philosophy, methodology and statistics, psychology, social work or any other related fields.

Finally, we in the I-H-S encourage professors, and professionals as well as Graduate students to share their ideas, reviews, as well as their research projects, papers, and proposals in the IHS Publications. We recommend for readers to see “Call for Papers” on the IHS site at:


We also, recommend these issues for libraries, stores and professional institutions worldwide. We look forward to answer any comments may contribute in enhancing this publication.


Enjoy reading.


Hasan A. Yahya
International Humanities Studies-I-H-S

The international humanities studies strives towards honest, advanced and scientific communication. Therefore, IHS focuses on valid and reliable reported data, results, methods and procedures.

In order to achieve the aforementioned, IHS avoids bias in experimental design, data analysis, data interpretation, peer review, grant writing, expert testimony, and other aspects of research where objectivity is a requirement.

When conducting research on human subjects, IHS believes in minimizing human harm and risks. Finally, IHS believes in respecting human dignity, privacy and autonomy.